Conference Overview

Conference Overview
The global biosimilars sale is predicted to reach $17 billion to $20 billion per year by 2020. At present the sales just in Europe is $1 billion yearly. With the entry of first biosimilar in the US market, the sales are expected to be even higher. Though biosimilars are less costly versions of the biologics, its development is much more complex, this makes its regulatory approval and acceptance by the public more difficult when compared to the generic drugs. With many leading biologics losing their patent protection by 2020; the market entry and opportunity for biosimilars are very huge. Being just 10 years old and still in its nascent stage, there is vast scope for improvisation in very stage, from biosimilar development to market approval. There are many regulatory concerns such as labeling, naming and interchangeability yet to be settled. The cost of these products and acceptance by physicians and patients is still a big challenge.

Thus, Biosimilars Europe 2016, conference offers a rare opportunity to its participants to understand and learn from top experts in the biosimilars field and to share experiences. The conference will also provide a platform to discuss the current vital issues, regulatory issues, market assessment and commercialization and globalization.

The conference will bring together industry experts to explore the strategies to gain insight into new biosimilar development strategies, different characterization and analysis methods, clinical advancement and successful case studies.

It gives us a great pleasure in welcoming you to the Biosimilars Europe 2016.

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