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10 year Perspective: Science and Commercial Power - Battle of the Giants in Biosimilars

2016-11-23 11:30:00

Dr. Richard Littlewood

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Richard Littlewood is a physician with clinical practice experience and a management consultant who has worked for 15 years addressing strategic and operational issues in health and pharma. He has experience as a consultant at Bain and has worked in senior roles at Wyeth/ Pfizer in commercial and R&D. He is a UK GMC registered physician, has an MA from Trinity College, Cambridge and is a graduate of the Sloan Masters management program at London Business School. Areas of focus include new market entry and scenario planning, medical regulatory global optimisation, next generation market access challenges and process redesign. Richard pioneered on biosimilars strategy from 2007 and has extensive experience in many emerging markets. He is an advisor to private equity and investment firms on healthcare and life sciences.