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The Development of New and Innovative Biomanufacturing Technologies and Solutions

2016-11-22 09:40:00

Christian Cattaruzza

Marketing Director - Provantage E2E Services Process Solutions

Christian Cattaruzza is Director of Provantage End-to-End Services. He leads the strategy for a portfolio of services including process development, cGMP clinical manufacturing, quality and regulatory support, training, commercial facilities design, engineering and build-up as well as production equipment supply and process technical transfer activities. Christian has experience in facility design economics, cost dynamics for biotech projects and modelization of complex multifactorial biotech business plans and programs. He was involved in numerous modelization projects for emerging as well as existing biotech markets including biosimilars and original molecules. Since 1996 when he joined Millipore, he was in several management positions within Millipore and then for Merck. Christian received his Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry Engineer degree in 1995 from the Engineer School of Faculty of Pharmacy, Montpellier, France.